The smart city platform redefining 911 and 311 reporting

PromptGov helps local governments and citizens leverage artificial intelligence in solving some of the most fundamental challenges in public safety and service request reporting. It is a transparent and cost-effective solution for the local governments to engage citizens with a greater participation and tap into the collective intelligence of people plus use machine learning to improvise and constantly improve its services to the citizens and local communities.

EAS - Emergency Assistance System

A 911 emergency solution suite comprised of all-in-one text, chat and voice based reporting with A.I as its core foundation that can be integrated with any PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point)


CAS - Civic Assistance System

Handle your incoming 311 issues with ease. A time-saving solution that gives communities a single click GPS enabled 311 issue reporting powered by smart A.I assistant.


ACSIS - Autonomous Civic Service Information System

Give communities the power to perform a wide range standard enquiries over a voice and text assistant platform that runs 24/7 without the need of calling a customer service representatitve


From small towns to mega cities,
PromptGov makes communities smarter and safer


Save more lives

Real time awareness of threats within vicinity and 3x times faster response measures


24x7 Community Service

Leverage artificial intelligence that can run all the time without fatigue or bias that frees up staff engagement by atleast 10x times.


Deeper Insights

Compare emergency and civic issues side by side and unlock trigger points and hidden patterns.