Faster responses,
Stronger Communities

Civic Assistance System is a suite comprised of all-in-one mobile app , text and chat
based reporting along with a powerful cloud based backoffice solution that has A.I
as its core foundation designed to support handling
of 311 non-emergency requests from the citizens

  CAS Mobile App (Geo Location Aware)

  Text SMS

  Facebook Messenger (Geo Location Aware)

  Media Sharing
  Vicinity based Alerts

  Geo Search & Filters

  Mass Communication

  Citizen Reward Points
  A.I driven request handling

  Advanced Service Desk

  Workflows and Rule Engine

  Custom Forms & Lists

  Facility Management & Inspections



  On-Demand Analytics

  Smart Devices (IoT) Integration

Omni Channel Reporting

No matter where the caller is, as long as the caller has a mobile phone with minimum connectivity,
there is a way to report civic issues with the least amount of effort
We provide white label civic assistance mobile app, a facebook ai agent and
SMS gateway integration along with the ability to capture evidence in the form of pictures and other media files.

Geo Location Awareness

When it comes to reporting civic services request, mobile app and facebook ai agent picks up requester's precise location through gps which saves time and cost compared to the traditional 311 reporting model.

Visualise service requests on a map

Citizens can view service requests on the map and see at a glance what is happening in their neighbourhood.
They are alerted automatically whenever there is a new report or any type of civic request which they choose to follow.
With the CAS mobile app, they can view the location of the civic request in the map,
see the proximity of issue from their current location and follow

Step into A.I.

State of the art artificial intelligence system that
Handles most commonly reported non-emergency request types
Automates the routing of service requests to departments and staffs
Escalates to human agent smartly
Detects duplicate incidents and non-emegerncy requests
Auto-Priotize different requests types based on their vicinity

IoT Integration

Leverage the power of connected smart city devices
Make nearby citizens automatically aware in the CAS app when:

A smart streelight goes down
A traffic signal stops working
A trash pickup is overdue

The possibilities are limitless....

Explore all the features

We created CAS with all 311 service requests needs in mind.
That's why you will find on our platform all the features to help
you assist in making your city smarter and stronger

PromptGov - 911 and 311 Smart City Solution A.I based

Reward Points

That can be redeemed while availing various paid civic services giving local governments a chance to appreciate the good samaritans and motivate everyone

PromptGov - 911 and 311 Smart City Solution A.I based

Geo Filters

Find specific civic issues within a geographical region

PromptGov - 911 and 311 Smart City Solution A.I based

On Demand Analytics

Lets citizen know the crucial performance indicators at any given time

PromptGov - 911 and 311 Smart City Solution A.I based

Cloud Service Desk

24x7x365 online service agent with zero downtime powered by a full blown cloud service desk solution that supports custom forms, workflows, rules engines, SLAs and much more

PromptGov - 911 and 311 Smart City Solution A.I based

Facility Management & Inspection

CAD based facility management and inspection solution with integrated ipad app supporting various inspection standards

PromptGov - 911 and 311 Smart City Solution A.I based


Comment, Follow, Track Status and allow citizens to interact with staff over any service request

PromptGov - 911 and 311 Smart City Solution A.I based

Mass Alerts

Citizens can receive emergency notifications for natural disasters and other public safety alerts through all the mobile app, facebook messenger, SMS and an automated voice call

PromptGov - 911 and 311 Smart City Solution A.I based

API Integration

We consult and allow our API to be able connect to various line of business applications like IBM Maximo, SCADA systems, ERP and many more

PromptGov - 911 and 311 Smart City Solution A.I based

Seamless Updates

As a SaaS software, we never stop improving the platform. We roll out new features making immediately available to you

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